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Everything inside
HK$ 2,999 Per Year
  • An age appropriate mock cognitive abilities test
    Worth 1,555HK$
  • One year subscription to our website and all the tools and media in it
    Worth 888HK$
  • A printable school comparison report
    Worth 1,488HK$
Kids on Internet
Afro kids study online class by tablet.
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Two school children studying outside

About Us

As parents, we understand the importance of cognitive assessments for children. As a result, we offer an all-in-one subscription package that includes accurate and reliable assessment tools and access to school comparison tool. In this way, parents can find the best fit schooling option for their children. As a company, we’re dedicated to helping children reach their full potential. Our cognitive assessments are the perfect way to meet that goal.

Our Package

Assessment Tool

You and your child can feel confident before sitting for the school entrance assessment.

School Listing Site

Hong Kong's most comprehensive guide to Private and international schools.

PDF Export

With our easy-to-use tool, you can compare curriculums, fees, debentures, and other school features.

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All Online

Everything can be done on your own time.


We have developed advanced tools so you can get an insiders perspective on schools, take a mock assessment, and compare schools on a printable report.

Tried and Tested

We are the experts in school admissions. Hundreds of parents have used our services with 100% satisfaction!

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