Annual Fees 22/23

N (AM) : HK$ 117,420
N (PM) : HK$ 83,430
Reception (AM / PM) : HK$ 81,113
Y1 (AM / PM) : HK$ 87550
Y2 - 6 : HK$ 175,100
Y7 - 11 : HK$ 195,895
Y12 - 13 : HK$ 197,770

Application Fee

HK$ 2,350

Individual: HK$ 500,000 Corporate: 2M/5M Capital Enrolment Fee : HK$ 100,000 (Mandatory/Non refundable)
Other Fees
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The Top Schools team bring a wealth of expertise to families and schools within Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & the United Kingdom. We work with families, to find best-fit schools for their children.
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