Annual Fees 22/23

Int. Stream: HK$ Reception: HK$ 128,213 Y1-6: HK$ 134,096 Y7-11: HK$ 169,602 Y12-13: HK$ 205,107 French Bilingual Stream: HK$ KG: HK$118,548 Primary: HK$ 115,218 Secondary (OIB): HK$ 133,765 - 163,665 French Stream: HK$ KG: HK$108,263 Primary: HK$ 104,270 Secondary: HK$ 119,968 - 146,785

Annual Fees 21/22

Int. Stream:
Reception: 120,956 $HK
Y1-6: 125,794 $HK
Y7-11: 160,760 $HK
Y12-13: 201,085 $HK
French Bilingual Stream:
KG:118,548 $HK
Primary: 115,218 $HK
Secondary (OIB): 133,765 - 163,665 $HK

French Stream:
KG:108,263 $HK
Primary: 104,270 $HK
Secondary: 119,968 - 146,785 $HK

Annual Fees Range
Application Fee


Mandatory Personal Debenture (refundable): 90,000 Company (refundable & trasnferable): 250,000 (Needs a year to mature, priority on the waiting list)
Other Fees
Deposit : HK$ 25,000
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