Annual Fees 22/23

Reception : HK$ 183,600 Y1 - 6 : HK$ 243300 Y7 - 11: HK$ 287,300 Y12 - 13: HK$ 291,200

Annual Fees 21/22

Reception : 173,200 $HK
Y1 - 6 : 229,500 $HK
Y7 - 11: 271,000 $HK
Y12 - 13: 274,700 $HK

Annual Fees Range
Application Fee


Once an applicant has been admitted, the applicant family will be asked to confirm acceptance and hold the student's place with immediate payment of the relevant fees for either a Personal Nomination Right (HK$75,000); or the Annual Levy (HK$17,500) plus the sum of HK$52,500 which will be credited to the first term tuition payment - i.e., a total sum of HK$70,000 (HK$17,500 + HK$52,500) is required to secure a student's place.
Other Fees
Reservation fee : HK$ 7,500 HANGZHOU boarding fees for Y10
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