Hong Kong Nobel Preschool

“We lead by learning together” is the heart of Nobel ’s vision. Everyone at Nobel is capable, smart and intelligent in a unique way. According to Dr. Howard Gardner, we all have multiple intelligences including: linguistic intelligence, number-logical intelligence, inter-personal intelligence, intra-personal intelligence, spatial intelligence, music intelligence, bodily-kinestic intelligence and naturalist intelligence. By pulling our talents and potential together, we multiply the capacity to learn and achieve. Nobel, as a learning organisation, aims at offering a structured base for all participants to take active roles in the continual learning process and the creation of new knowledge for the 21st Century global community.

Education in Nobel is committed to the creation of joyful and enjoyable learning environment that empowers young children to construct own knowledge through collaborating the mysterious human intelligences.

By the means of our professional teaching team, environmental friendly and advanced technology, healthy and safe environment, the Nobel graduates are expected to be international-mind and all-rounded individuals.

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